The FilteBahia - Latin American Festival of Theater of Bahia, has open enrollment throughout the year.


-The FilteBahia 2016 happens mong the 8th and September 18th.
-It's Important to fill in all the registration fields to prevent a blockage of the same.
-O (S) link (s) to be posted it must be released for our team to watch. If it is not released it will be necessary to link together INTRODUCTION password and send it in the body of the registration message.
-The FilteBahia only confirms the registration. We do not select the mailing list. The production of interest will be contacted production.
-The FilteBahia covers all expenses passage, food, cargo, internal transportation and management fees per presentation. Except for some specific cases which are treated independently.
If next to your application you would like to specify some kind of support that their production has to enable your participation, please explain in the body of mensagemd and registration.



Parabéns! Você está inscrito na curadoria do FilteBahia.